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I'd really enjoy if there was a way to not have multiple dialogue popping up at one time. I rolled a dice and I got like 5 dialogues in a second or two. I had to scroll up. It would be a lot smoother for me if I could advance through one text box at a time, and it wouldn't spoil anything either.

I'd also like to have fullscreen for the offline version.


Love this game! Is there a walkthrough posted anywhere? I've gotten several of the endings but a couple are pretty tough to parse out. 


Ah, sorry for the late response! Thank you so much!

I don't currently have a walkthrough (though I swear I must have made one at some point,) though if you open the HTML file in Twine, you should be able to see a flowchart of the game.

That said, I can try to work on a walkthrough tomorrow, it'll just be a moment.


Oh, please, don't put too much fret into it! I appreciate the reply, and the advice on Twine works fine!


Ah, sure. I still could get around to it if it'd be helpful, though.

Hello! I purchased your bundle, and I'm hoping to play the html version mentioned on the download page. The thing is, there doesn't seem to be one? There's a .zip file with a Mac version, and a .exe for Windows, but those are the only two downloads. I don't think the html version is in the .zip. Did it get misplaced?

Ah, let me just check, sorry for this!


Okay, the HTML seems to be now downloadable now on my device, does it work for you?


Yes, I can see it now. Thank you very much!


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A question. Is ending 3 supposed to be damn near impossible and enormously frustrating to obtain? Or is there an easier way of obtaining it aside from hoping the random number Goddess lets you break through the first vigor check but lose the second one?


Kind of? I can try and work on it to make it more accessible, but I wanted to hide this ending as well as possible because of how it sort of started as a shitpost.


I see Also, I think I found a bug on the path to ending 8, as shown in the imgur link. I'm not sure if this was what was supposed to display. Anyway, the original question was just because the game says ending 4 is the hardest one, yet ending 3 is a lot harder.


And I have just finished the game with every ending. The writing was definitely compelling (and also hot), and I think the idea of these stat checks was an interesting idea, but I'm not entirely sure how I felt about the execution, given how much of my time was spent re-reading the same text to get certain endings, but at the same time, I do think it is a nice touch that you need to make the player think about how to approach each of their stats. It seems like one of those things that one could make a case for it being both good and bad.

Overall, definitely enjoyed it. Also I needed to look up laughing clowns. That's the most disturbing thing I've seen all week.


Thanks ^^

I ended up going for a more accessible system for Null Event that omitted force rolls entirely, if just because it added an unpleasant amount of difficulty to the multiple endings?

I could probably look at rebalancing it, but it's not my preferred system at this point.


Amazing. Incredible. Superb. 5 Stars.

My only complaint is (as far as I can tell after half a dozen playthroughs) the only way to end up in Lynn's situation seems to be by being a brat.

Indeed, all of my repeated playthroughs were my attempts to try and read through the job papers before signing or otherwise confront Lutece so that I could actively consent to being turned into a doll rather than simply going along with it after the fact.

But then I suppose this just isn't my kink!

Thank You ^^

Hah, fair point. I did consider allowing that as an option, but it would require a lot of work to address other structural issues with the story. Maybe I could add it as an option if I end up doing another update, though.


Love the amount of story and hours of play! Very fun read to pass a few hours!! 100% worth the bit of money and I really hope to see something similar from Rana.


Thanks. ^^

Currently working on a new smutgame with a cyberpunk setting, but it's still very early stages and I want to gauge interest.

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I've run into a bit of a problem. After deciding to try to defy, I offered to serve her of my own volition, and well...

Oh: grabbed the extended error text, as well: 

<timed 1.8>><div class="bloon">You promise her that you'll serve her. That you understand the situation now. "Please," you say. "I will do <i>anything</i>."
She sighs. "You know, I do believe you, I really do. But you've also proven that I can't trust you to remain like this."
You feel almost defeated.</div><<scrolldown>>
<<nobr>><span id="PromiseServe"><<link "VERBALLY LASH OUT">>    <<replace "#PromiseServe">>
		<<include [[Threaten Promise]]>>    <</replace>>
<<link "ATTEMPT TO BREAK FREE">>    <<replace "#PromiseServe">>
		<<include [[Break Free]]>>    <</replace>>
<<link "WAIT">>    <<replace "#PromiseServe">>
		<<include [[Wait Puppet]]>>    <</replace>>
(1 edit) (+1)

Ah, thanks. Sorry about that.

Just updated the online version, will have the executable version updated in a couple of hours.


Me before playing this game: huh dollification, never heard of it
Me after playing this game: ...ok I get it now.


Great little game! Strange, otherworldly and sometimes arousing. Like a lewd crossing between Coraline and a David Lynch movie, good stuff :D

Thank you. ¥_^


Hey there! Is there a way to report bugs? Seems I found one rather early on, a lack of a closing tag for an <<if>> statement if you ask if the shop owner means for you to talk to her enemies. I'm loving this so far, though!


Just patched it up.

Also, thanks. ^^