Content Warning for self-loathing thoughts, suicide, and grief.
As I descend into the depths of the TWISTED PLACE, I see the air inside is damp and warm, but much of it resembles the factory above. Melted, distorted, but an impressive facsimile, nonetheless. This place has always predated the factory, but it has adopted much of its form. It may likely remain still even once the factory is entirely gone.
A Twisted Place is a dark linear horror interactive fiction with themes of self-worth and suicide, with photographic environmental art taken at the abandoned Bradmill factory site.

Featured in Indiepocalypse #20
Featured in the Queer Games Bundle 2022


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Thank you! Some food for thought, indeed. I hope this has been a good outlet for your feelings.

Your game is fantastic

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This was a bit too real for me, but seriously good invoking of the emotion. I thought the afterword was good too, putting a bit of distance into what was clearly a personal piece.


too scary for me.


I do have other games that are less scary or depressing, if you're interested in checking them out?


This is my experience with 'A Twisted Place':

Many thanks to SjoerdHekking for recommending this on his website. I'm a big fan of these interactive horror games and I'm glad to have come across your content as it seems to be criminally under-exposed. It deals with some heavy stuff and while I couldn't possibly understand everything you've gone through, I'm glad that I can play your games and 'catch' glimpses of how you felt during your struggles.

If you're ever feeling that isolation, I can wholeheartedly recommend joining Sjoerd's community on Discord. It's primarily a 'rules' interactive horror type community, but It's full of like-minded people who love the same things we do.

Thanks for making games!


Thanks a bunch. ^^

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The game is short, well written, and the audio adds to the ambiance. I was more focused on the text than on the backgrounds, but it was rather satisfying to watch those excerpts of the mill. Gameplay I would estimate around 15 minutes for a quick reader like me.

Full review on my website!

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Sadly I linked to a wrong post, currently, I linked to a correct post!


All I can say is, well done.


Woooow, I love this narrative text-based game, it's deep with metaphors and imagery. Well done.

 I read the purpose why you made this game, you seem to have high expectations of yourself and if you don't live up to them you feel like a failure - I definitely can relate to this.. You think you need to be fully productive by releasing games, if I'm right, to feel you are worth something; this is a harsh mentality. 

My advice: you should make small goals that're easily reachable until you are ready for bigger goals, and whenever you fail be proud of yourself for trying, be kind to yourself - when you succeed you should treat yourself for your accomplishment/s.

 Regarding your suicidal ideation, if you attempted suicide in the past, that in itself proves you were genuine with it because if you hadn't attempted then you would not have suicidal ideation and you wouldn't be diagnosed with suicidal ideation. A diagnosis is only made if you meet the exact symtoms of mental/physical illnesses. Having said that, one might still be suicidal but, won't actually try to attempt it and they likely have passive ideation. But no one should end their lives, there is hope even if their hopeless, their situations can improve with the right help and support, so please don't ever attempt it again. 

I would recommend to have therapy, it will really help you as a therapist will be compassionate, helpful with no judgement. I hope I was of help to you, good luck. 

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Thanks. ^^

Ah, I do presently see a therapist, I generally wanted to write this game as a way of exploring some of the harmful thought patterns I've been going through, and it felt like maybe writing about it could help me acknowledge them, and maybe help others do the same, especially if I add in an afterword.

Your welcome.

I'm glad to hear that you see a therapist.  Yes writing about it in a game, like you did, creating art, writing a journal or writing poetry about your harmful thoughts are ways to realise your inner pain. so its a good idea you expressed yourself in your narrative game.