'May you be Unmade for your Misdeeds.'

Liv's friend Red has a curse. The holes were few at first, but they've continued spreading. Sometimes malediction can bring people closer together.

Uncover the mysteries of the Church of the Bent Woman. Avoid the attention of The Powers That Be. Perform an arcane ritual. And maybe have a little fun along the way.

"They're going to keep spreading. Was never taught much about these curses, but it's not going to stop."

"We could find out whoever did this, at least."

They give a wry smile. "Yeah, we could. Could also spend the night getting high and having fun, too. We could do both." They toss their shirt to the ground.

Close to Nothing has three possible endings based on your choices.

Content warnings for body horror, character death, and violence. This game contains some flashing text, discretion is advised.

This game has sound. Adjust your speakers accordingly.

Special Thanks:

Page art by halcy - @halcyon_dot_exe

Coding assistance by max chai

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oh my god i think i got all the endings from 3 onwards so far and they just fucked me RIGHT up. are they all so tragic jeez... stellar writing but yowza..


This game slapped! We both really love your take on moody, surreal horror. Keep on making great stuff!


Thanks, worked on this one ages ago, though I decided to just now update it with a chapter select bar, to make it easier to get all three endings.


Ooh, this was spooky. I started last night and had to stop to continue in daylight. I like the disorienting effect of having the supernatural treated so casually; felt like disassociating. The soundscape is excellent too. Great work.