The Supernaturalist Update

The Supernaturalist update has launched! Players will now have access to a new class, along with character portraits, dialogue boxes, and more!

The Supernaturalist background puts Syneesthesia in the role of a former member of the secretive Viridian Committee.
The new character background has new investigation options, tied to their ability to see into other dimensions. This also has the option of leading into oviposition-related content.

New side content has been added throughout the game.
Players will now be able to reminisce on their past as a Hacker, Sex Worker, Courier, or Supernaturalist. On top of this, they're also able to look into a certain affair on the second day of investigation.

In order to allow for the game to be more visually-engaging, dialogue boxes have been introduced.
Dialogue boxes show a sprite of the character currently speaking, to better keep track of the cast of characters throughout the game. And on that note...

The new Character Profile menu will allow you to keep track of characters you've met throughout the story.
This update gives players a new means to keep track of characters. You'll be able to see their name, their PDA number, and a short bio about them.

On top of this, a new Art Book has been added, featuring two full-sized pieces of art, as well as multiple sprites.


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Aug 04, 2021

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big fan of the new class, really leans into that good weird!

Wanting to add a unique ending for it down the line.